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In 2013, 5.8% of Utah teens were addicted to electronic cigarettes. That number is now 10.2% percent. We as students have seen this alarming trend among our classmates, and have witnessed the effects that addiction brings. Students Against Electronic Vaping is a club that was formed in response to the electronic cigarette insurgence. Our goal is to reverse the trend by educating our classmates about the negative health effects of electronic cigarettes, and by getting those already addicted the help they need. While SAEV’s main function this year will be educating our classmates, we will support any government action that will aid us in our fight against electronic cigarettes. We hope that through our efforts we can help our fellow student reach their full potential and not be inhibited by an addiction to electronic cigarettes.

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Most E-Cigarettes Contain Nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that poses great danger to adolescent youth.

One e-cigarette can contain as much as 120mg of nicotine which is equal to the amount of nicotine in 100 cigarettes.

Research suggests that children and teens may be especially sensitive to nicotine, making it easier for them to become addicted. Nicotine's addictive nature includes psychoactive effects, drug-reinforce behavior, compulsive use, relapse after abstinence, phsyical dependence, and tolerance.3

A recent study showed that students who have used e-cigarettes by the time they start 9th grade are more likely than others to start smoking traditional cigarettes and using other smokeless tobacco products within the next year.4

Use in Utah by students ages 13 to 18

Utah 10.5%

Between 2013 and 2015, the percentage of students in Utah grades 8 through 12 using e-cigarettes has doubled; with 10.5% (22,000) of students currently reported as being regular users of these products.1,2

Davis County 8.4%

8.4% (2,213) of students grade 8-12 in Davis County are reported as regular users of e-cigarettes.1,2

Weber County 15.0%

15.0% (2,495) of students grade 8-12 in Weber County are reported as regular users of e-cigarettes.1,2

The E-Cigarette Industry Targets Youth with Their Products

E-cigarette liquid comes in more than 7,700 flavors, many of which are fruit and candy flavors (such as cherry, chocolate, bubble gum, and gummy bear) and are advertised with celebrities and music that appeal to youth.5

E-Cigarettes are Easy for Youth to Obtain

E-cigarettes are relatively inexpensive and youth typically acquire them through straw purchases (providing money to other to buy them), direct purchase from e-cigarette retailers, or via the internet.1

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Place a Tax on Nicotine/E-Cigarettes

Research indicates a 6.5% decrease in youth use of e-cigarettes for every 10% increase in price for the e-cigarette.6

Assessing the same tax rate on e-cigarettes as the Utah tax on tobacco products other than cigarettes (86% of wholesale value)7 would reduce youth usage of e-cigarettes by more than 50%(11,000) youth statewide.

Placing a tax on e-cigarettes will significantly increase their price and make them less affordable for youth.

Amend State Law to Prohibit Internet Sales

No federal laws currently exist to regulate e-cigarette sales to minors.8

Utah law does not include e-cigarettes in state code that prohibits mail order or internet sales of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.9

Minors are easily able to purchase e-cigaretes from the internet in states allowing such sales. A recent study found that only 5 out of 98 attempts by teens age 14 to 17 to buy e-cigarettes online were blocked by online vendors' attempts to verify customer age.10

Prohibiting internet sales of e-cigarettes will eliminate an easy means by which youth acquire them.

Amend State Law to Extend Tobacco Products Advertising Restrictions to E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are currently unrestricted from all forms of advertising including television and magazine advertising.

No federal laws currently exist to regulate advertising of e-cigarettes.

Utah code restricting billboards, placards, lighted signs or similar forms of advertising for cigarettes or tobacco products does not currently extend those restrictions to e-cigarettes.11

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SAEV leaders were recognized by the Utah Crime Council January 21, 2016 as the Crime Prevention Specialists of the Year!

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Organizations that also Support SAEV:

  • Utah Council for Crime Prevention
  • Utah Fire Chiefs Association
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  • Utah DARE Officers Association
  • Utah PTA
  • National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)
  • Davis Council of Governments
  • Davis Hosiptal
  • Davis Board of Education
  • Youth Government Groups
  • Davis County Health Department
  • The Standard Examiner
  • Weber-Morgan Health Department

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